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To be a leading international sport and education camp helping young people to achieve their full potential - Discover - Learn - Grow
Choose Lovell Camps for your swiss summer camp destination
- Leaders education camping since 1973
- Ideal location in the Swiss Alps GSTAAD , Sanenland, Switzerland
- True belief that the program and policies benefit each child
- Great balance of language and sports activities and excursions

- Over 45 years of local knowledge and relationships
- Highly motivated and well trained team
- Family like atmosphere and specially

- Well supervised clear structure of the program
- Ability to adapt to children and program needs
- Exceeding expectations in Kampala/staff ratios safety logistics and planning

10 benefits of attending lovell camps
10. Be Physically Active
Lovell Camps is full on action! Campers are active all day long; swimming, hiking, riding, climbing, jumping, dancing, singing, cooking and the list goes on. Physical activity is disguised as fun and games at camp and children develop a healthier lifestyle.
9. Unplug from Technology
At Lovell Camps children do not use technology. Our camp environment allows children to take a break from screen time and re-connect with themselves, the people around them and this beautiful part of the world.
8. Continuing Education in the Summer
Camp provides opportunities for children to adapt and grow socially, emotionally and academically. Specifically at Lovell Camps, children are provided with the opportunity to learn and improve language skills. With language instruction, English or French, provided regularly by our certified teachers, children are guaranteed to become more confident communicating in new languages.
7. Be Part of a Team
Lovell Camps encourages all campers to develop their teamwork skills. While at camp, children come together in a unique way to support and encourage one another. Campers often have to rely on each other to complete activities and this builds a strong bond between everyone in the program.
6. Reconnect with Nature
Located in the Schönried, Switzerland, our campers have access to some of the most beautiful parts of the Swiss Alps to explore. Our outdoor education program enriches children’s perception of the world and supports healthy development. Children will gain a better appreciation of their environment.
5. Build Resilience & Confidence
Children are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and try a new direction. Lovell Camps is a safe environment for children to make mistakes and learn from them. By allowing children to take risks and face challenges, they develop resilience and confidence. 4. Develop New Passions At Lovell Camps children are exposed to so many new opportunities, they are bound to find or develop a deep passion. Offering programs such as golf, tennis, horse back riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, drama, dance, cooking, arts & crafts, music – children always find an area of personal interest to explore and learn about. Everyone at Lovell Camps has the time and space to develop a new love and children have the opportunity to succeed at camp!
3. Life Long Skills
Children learn some of life’s most important lessons at camp, whether is it how to clear a table in the dining hall, how to be a good friend, a new sport, how to solve a conflict. Children’s self esteem and risk taking abilities will transform while at camp. Campers will take these lessons and confidently bring them into future experiences.
2. Independence & Leadership
While at camp, children naturally become stronger leaders. Campers develop initiative, problem solving and leadership skills on a daily basis, while they are cleaning the dining hall, helping other campers find their belongings, contributing to special events. The child that returns home from a camp experience, will be a stronger and more resourceful child.
1. Make True Friends & Develop Social Skills
Any former camper will tell you that their most meaningful friendships came from camp. Camp provides a safe and relaxed environment for true relationships to form naturally. Lovell Camp draws people together through the structure of the program. Campers come together from different parts of the world and form a supportive community together.

Our focus through out the summer months is for campers to achieve this discovery socially, within our programs and as individuals.

Ask anyone who has attended camp before; friends made at camp instantly become lifelong friends. There is no denying that the late new conversations, the silly inside jokes and the unique experiences, bring campers together unlike any other friendship. Campers learn to communicate with each other, problem solve and become a supportive friend. Before long, a campers’ wrist is filled with new friendship bracelets!

At camp, children are exposed to many new activities and opportunities; it is guaranteed campers will find an area of particular interest for themselves. Whether this area is a new hobby or old one, campers will have a passion ignited within them, learn new skills/techniques and gain confidence – athletic adventures, artistic pursuits or conquering a new language are all equally supported at camp! The Mountain Lodge is a safe place, where campers can explore without being evaluated; in fact mistakes are encouraged and celebrated.

Finally, while at camp children gain independence and self-esteem. Parents and counsellors are often impressed at what a child is capable of. Picture yourself as a child, travelling across the world to experience a summer camp in a new country, new language and new people. The personal learning and discovery is plentiful and children become more self-aware and leave with an “if I can do this, I can do anything” attitude.

  • To provide safe, healthy, and challenging learning experiences for young people
  • To introduce students to skills and sports that increase self-confidence while building character and leadership qualities
  • To help students develop their language ability and communication skills
  • To increase environmental awareness through participation in a variety of outdoor living activities and sports
  • To help campers to develop a global and empathetic world view by bringing young people from a variety of cultures and countries together in an open and engaging way
Highly -MOTIVATED and well-trained TEAM
Part of what makes Lovell Camps so spectacular is our staff! We hire people based upon their experience, qualifications and of course their character. These individuals travel from all corners of the globe for the opportunity to work at Lovell Camps. We have hundreds of applicants each season, applying for positions and just a handful are selected to be a part of the program. We are so appreciative of the counselors for dedicating their time and energy, whether, it is for one season or multiple seasons, they all become part of the Lovell Camps family.

The staff is what brings the program to life for the children. We can plan and prepare as much as possible in the office. However, the burst of energy that arrives with the staff in June is what kick starts everyone into ‘program mode.’ They bring an outstanding program to the campers day-in an dayout, no matter what. As a counselor at Lovell Camps, our staff wear many ‘hats,’ it’s a job that requires much attention to detail, expertise, and of course, patience. We believe, the small acts of kindness make a big difference at Lovell Camps – immediately knowing children’s names and their interests, the conversations at wake-up and bedtime, looking out for campers on an overnight excursion and just the ridiculous stories and silliness around the campfire.

It is a privilege that you entrust us with your children. Our staff are highly trained and capable of taking the utmost care of each and every individual child that comes through our program.

We are highlighting and celebrating our 2017 staff team on Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page, Lovell International Camps –, to see who is joining the team this summer!

challenge by choice - you, and only you, make the choice

Each year we continue to develop our programs to enrich the experience for every child. This year is no different; we have an exciting line up of activities and programs run by our talented staff team. The core of our summer camp program still involves language instruction, swimming, outdoor education, sports and excursions. We are eager to begin all of these programs with fresh new ideas and features.

Language classes are engaging and meaningful for all campers incorporating opportunities for campers to do oral presentations, such as skits and announcements, within the daily camp program. Our swimming program is always evolving and aside from offering campers the opportunity to participate in the Swiss National Swim Test Award Program we always offer new games to play in the pool to make lessons more fun and challenging. Seniors can also look forward to learning about water rescue and learning new spring board diving skills.

Outdoor Education is a very important part of our program and the Saanenland is the perfect place to offer fun, adventurous and exciting excursions. Children will explore the mountains, hiking, biking, rock climbing, learning to cook over the fire and overnight with their friends in the Swiss Alpine Club Huts or in tents!

Senior campers will have the opportunity to participate in a number of outdoor programs including; outdoor living skills, high ropes, rafting or canyoning, adventure races and through our Challenge by Choice program they will be given the opportunity to challenge themselves to complete a two night excursion and scale peaks with qualified Swiss Mountain Guides and truly connect with themselves, peers and the surroundings.
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