Camp is a special place that allows all campers participants, to learn, grow and develop themselves further. Whether campers attended our program for one week or the entire summer, we wish for all of them walk away standing a little taller and with more confidence in themselves because of all the new experiences they have been exposed to.

Campers were asked what lesson(s) did you learn at camp and below are some responses:

–       Be yourself

–       Try new things

–       Meeting new friends from around the world is cool!

–       Always wear sun cream

–       How to be a good friend

–       You should smile often!

–       Working as a team is more important then alone

–       Believe more in myself

–       Survival skills – I built a fire!

–       How to solve problems with other people

–       Always pack a rain coat, water bottle and a hat

–       English

–       How to make my bed and clean my room

–       I don’t always need my phone

–       How to plan an event for others – Carnival Night!

–       Say nice things to others

–       Four square is the best game ever!

Campers never cease to amazing us!