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Lovell International Academy

Lovell International Academy will operate an academic program combined with professional ski instruction
January 8, 2024 to March 22, 2024.

A truly unique educational experience!

The Lovell Academy has been successfully operating a Winter Academy since 2018 and will be offering this unique program again, starting January 8th, 2024. With a fully individualised academic syllabus, coupled with an outstanding winter sports program, this is a unique opportunity for families to enjoy an entire winter season in the beautiful Gstaad region.

With an enrolment of 15 to 20 boys and girls, between the ages of 4 and 12 years old, the Academy is a family-like school environment. Where we recognise each child’s individuality and we celebrate every child’s uniqueness and learning styles. Under the leadership of Victoria Lovell, former teacher and Head of Curriculum at the John F. Kennedy International School, and a Director of Lovell International Camps, we will conduct an 11-week program, Lovell Academy, in our Mountain Lodge above the village of Schönried in the Saanenland.

Our winter academy will be based on program elements from our well-regarded summer and winter camp programs, combined with the educational diversity of a first-rate international school.  We will offer a rigorous academic program combined with professional daily ski instruction.  Other activities for our students will include: cross-country skiing; swimming lessons; ice skating; optional weekend race training and ski instruction; educational and cultural trips.

Safety, learning and fun are our guiding principles and we want to see each student thrive and grow in our stunning natural surroundings. Lovell Academy strives to put fun into learning!

Please apply now, as we expect places to fill up quickly.

Parent Testimonials

Amelia spent a whole magical Winter term at the Lovell Camp when she was eight years old.  We were transitioning from living abroad where she had predominantly been studying in a foreign language, so she needed to be in a position to rejoin her year group at Francis Holland School: an academically selective school in London.  There was some catching up to do, so that she was sound and confident, particularly in Maths and English:  this was achieved and far more.

winter camp

Amelia was nurtured and challenged in equal measure.  She was taught the love of learning by all the teachers at the Lovell Camp.  She still talks about how Ms. Vickie has been her “best Maths teacher ever” and – while following the London school curriculum to a ’T’ – I know that what she did went way above and beyond what the other children in London were covering on the syllabus.  She also had a truly inspirational specialist English teacher, who enthused her with projects that enabled her to delve far into the book she was studying and to grasp literary concepts beyond expectation.  Amelia had the added bonus of excellent French lessons and guitar lessons to round off her experience.

Amelia did return to the Lovell Camp for another stint during term time one year later.  Again, she was able to follow her school curriculum and returned to London academically as strong or even stronger.  In an ideal world, I would happily have kept Amelia at the Lovell Camp for the rest of her primary school years!  

The camp achieves the balance that all schools should aspire to create: the healthy combination of academic study, sports and creative freedom.  The facilities speak for themselves: Amelia became a confident and competitive ski racer, experimented with cross country skiing, had the chance to ice skate regularly and became a strong and enthusiastic swimmer.  It is clear that every counsellor/ teacher is chosen with utmost care: they all operate with a clear focus on creating a polite, kind and enthusiastic learning environment with the right balance of structure, fun and freedom.

Alexandra Maude-Roxby

It was so nice to  have the opportunity to bring our two daughters, (11years old twins), back to you this summer! Not as summer campers such as in 2019, (when the girls had their 1st– 3 weeks away from home– experience), but, as future English language students. As we really needed some preparation  to attend this all English-speaking  school, we choose Victoria Lovell and her team to teach both English and maths to our daughters. Who would be a better option?

The two of them had lots of fun learning, and commented their experience with  sentences like:
“Ms Victoria is the best maths teacher ever!:))”

We were entirely satisfied by those  intensive  mornings, and can highly recommend Lovell Academy and Camps. GREAT CAMP, GREAT PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS, GREAT SPORTS TEACHERS! An overall super experience! Please carry-on with this wonderful kids paradise.


My son started at the Lovell Winter Camps when he was just 3 1/2 and everyone at the camp was so patient and caring and made every moment fun for him. We always felt that he was in safe hands and everyone was very professional. Aside from skiing they always provided fun and educationally age appropriate classes for him and he was able to learn French which is something he was not able to take while in his normal school in the States at his age.


As he got older we needed to incorporate some of the work that his school back at home would send so that he didn’t miss out on what his class was doing and they were always willing to do whatever was necessary while still offering him other classes as well. The Lovell Camps have always been flexible and helpful and have always had our child’s best interest at heart. 

Alice de Orleans-Borbon