There are many things that our campers take from Lovell Camps such as new experiences, improved skills, opportunities at new languages etc. But the biggest thing our campers take from our winter and summer camps is the new friendships they make.

At Lovell Camps we accept children from the ages of 5 to 16 years. The Summer Camp age groups are divided into Juniors and Seniors – Junior Camp (Marmots & Foxes) and Senior Camp (Ibex & Lynx). Swim lessons, language classes and excursions are divided into Junior and Senior Camp, but all our programs and activities allow for the two age groups to mix. By doing this it allows for all the campers to get to know each other, to share responsibilities and duties and to get an even wider picture of languages and cultures. Our two sessions that we hold in the summer are both three weeks long and this gives our campers and students time to get to know each other and build strong bonds that last for years to come.

The winter academy runs for a total of 3 months, and this again allows the students that attend to get to know one another really well. Together they will attend their classes, eat meals, join in on activities and programs and, depending on their abilities and levels, they will also ski together. The wintertime at Lovell Camps is a very special and fun time and having good friends makes it even better.

For us as staff it is important and rewarding to see friendships grow amongst our campers. The fact that activities and programs are with mixed ages, it allows for children to have strong bonds with other children who may not be their age, and this works out for the best as many of the closest friendships from Lovell are between different ages.

The friendships made at Lovell Camps carry through summer after summer, winter after winter and the best of friendships and memories are created here in these perfect Swiss Alps.