Going to camp for the first time, or even the tenth time, can be scary. Camp is all about fun and excitement, but the worry of leaving home and leaving Mum and Dad can take away from that excitement.

If your child is worried about camp, then it’s a good idea to remind them of all the good things camp has to offer. Be excited for them – they are leaving home and will be trying new things, being excited for them helps them become excited too.

Remind them that camp is only for a short time. One week, even one day, can seem a long time for a child, but remind them that it’s only for a very short time – when they look back, they’ll most likely think so too.

Ask them how they are feeling about going to camp. Many children worry in silence so it’s always good to ask. It’s also good to talk about camp. If they say that they are scared or worried or don’t want to go, then understand these feelings, but remind them and comfort them with the thought that camp is fun and time at camp goes by quickly.

If you feel it will help, pack them a reminder of home, eg. a soft toy, their father’s t-shirt, a photograph etc.

Here at Lovell Camps or staff are trained to deal with homesickness, worry and missing family members. Our staff take full care of children finding it hard to enjoy camp. By mid-week campers usually feel much more comfortable at camp and grow to enjoy the experience.