As summer approaches and as camp grows ever nearer, your thoughts may be leaning towards summer camp and, with such excitement, you may already be packing for camp in your head. But what are the best and most important things to bring to camp?

Camp is messy so old t-shirts and shorts are always a good shout. Pack clothes that you won’t care if they get wet, stained, ripped etc. It is always good to bring a few pairs of long trousers and some jumpers as the summer evenings can be very chilly. Living in the Swiss Alps means that rain may be around any corner, so a rain jacket and boots are always a good choice.

But our fingers are always crossed for sunny days so make sure a sun hat/ cap, sunscreen, water bottles and swimsuit are somewhere in your case.

It is always a great idea to label all your clothes – yes even your socks. When campers arrive we will ask that each and every thing is labelled so it doesn’t get lost or get confused as someone else’s.

We do not allow electronics at camp but we do advise campers to bring their digital or film cameras as a lot of happy memories and friendships are made at camp – plus we have a picture perfect view!

We do not allow campers to bring food to camp. Our boarders have shopping trips at the weekends where they can buy snacks and sweets. Our kitchen is always filled with fruits, snacks and treats if children are feeling peckish.  

Overall, our advice is to pack wisely and pack as light as possible – and don’t be shy when it comes to labelling!!!!