There are numerous benefits to learning to ski as a child, here are a top few of our favourites at Lovell Camps.

1. Fosters Body-Awareness & Self-Awareness – Skiing teaches children how to use body parts separately and in sync with each other. Balance and coordination improves quickly while learning how to ski. Skiing uses the full body (and mind) in order to be successful. Children become more aware of their body in space, but also become aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses. Skiing challenges participants both physically and emotionally, allowing children to become more aware of themselves in all capacities.

2. Builds Confidence & Perseverance – Skiing takes tremendous dedication and perseverance. Skiing teaches children to get back up and try again! Each new improvement gives children more confidence and pride. The smiles on children’s faces at the end of the day, says it all.

3. Increases Overall Health – Skiing is great exercise and extremely hard work. When on the mountain, the heart is pumping faster and therefore the muscles get stronger. Lung capacity improves too, as it is an endurance and cardiovascular activity.

4. Healthy Competition – Friendly competition to always a good motivation to achieve personal goals and improve skills. Being in a ski class, encourages participants to keep up with one another and also allows for a positive environment to learn and improve in.

5. Enhances Social Skills – Children learn social skills while on the slopes. There are right ways to pass someone and help those in need. You must respect your fellow skiers and learn to interact appropriately on the slopes. Also the conversations and laughter on the chair lifts are sometimes the best parts of the day. Ski classes bring children closer very quickly, as the skiers are participating in a new experience together and immediately have new memories and stories to share.

6. Increases Mood – The increased production of endorphins gives skiers a sense of happiness. Research from Yonsei University in South Korea, has shown that individuals who visit the slopes show an increased feeling of happiness, satisfaction and reduced stress. Children will smile more! And also, sleep better at night from all of the activity and fresh air, leading to another happy day.

7. Allows for an Appreciation of Nature – Taking in the mountain top views and fresh air, allows skiers to appreciate the beauty surrounding them. Children learn at a young age, that nature and the outdoors is a valuable part of their daily life, therefor, developing an important foundation for their development.

8. A Life Long Skill – Skiing is an activity that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Children are more likely going to continue skiing, if they learn at a young age.