Lovell Camps provide a very comprehensive summer camp for your kids that ensure an all round development and a lot of fun and entertainment. We believe that the right things should be introduced to the children at the right age and hence all our activities and programs are age specific to help build character and confidence in a child and help them get introduced to and acquire new skills.

Our age specific programs include:

– Junior camp for 6 – 10 year olds includes entertaining activities such as sports, water games, creative crafts and team challenges, fishing trips, visiting the Bern Zoo, practising tennis with a pro and overnight excursions, etc.

– Senior camp for young teenagers includes canoeing/rafting, a trip to Bern, pool parties and classic discos, activities like planning and carrying out a Carnival Night for the younger children which includes the planning of camp activities, delicious treats, etc, a three-day Outdoor Survival Challenge, and thrilling overnight experiences, which even include a two-night Challenge by Choice excursion, etc are guaranteed to be highlights of the program.

– Leadership training program for the 16 – 18 year olds include activities like work experience in program planning and implementation of these programs for children, exploring the local area on weekend excursions and overnight hikes, choice of lessons in English or French etc.

– The Kids Club for the tiny tots includes music, arts & crafts, outdoor activities, sports, and a whole lot of imagination and creativity, to make for an unforgettable summer experience.

Apart from these, we have other sessions like Summer camp excursions, weekend programs, special day events etc. To help you choose the right camps here are a few tips from our end:

  • You should ideally choose a camp that provides a perfect mix of fun as well as developmental activities.
  • A good research about the camp where you intend to send your child is very important.
  • You should decide between an overnight camp and day boarding depending upon the comfort of your child.
  • In case of overnight camps, learn about the facilities provided, safety and security, mode of operation in case of emergencies etc.
  • It is always advisable to have information about the instructors, the staff to campers ratio etc
  • It is good to check the accreditations in advance and choose a camp that has been operating for a while so as to ensure quality along with good experience.
  • The activities should also be chosen depending on the comfort of the child. Although it is advisable to allow the children to explore new things, it is not right to push them to take up activities that they are absolutely not comfortable with or scared to do, like adventure sports. Pushing them to take up activities they are not comfortable with will make them lose interest altogether.

Visit our summer camps website (link to for more information on all our camping programs and activities.