Our aims here at Lovell Camps is to give your child the best camp experience whilst also giving them a taste of Switzerland. Our sports and educational camps focus on these two things, along with your child’s well-being and happiness. We want every child that comes here to take home happy memories and friendships. It is important to us that we make every child feel cared for and special, whilst also giving them great opportunities and memories.

Many of our staff are international and we also get campers and students from all different backgrounds, traditions and cultures and we learn so much about the world through these children.

Through sports and activities, we aim to teach new skills and add excitement, friendly competition and fun to our programs. We have a wide range of activities and programs here at Lovell Camps and what we want is for our campers and students to experience and try new things. Our language classes give our campers and students the opportunity to strengthen their language skills in English, German, French or even Spanish.

Excursion days happen at least twice a week and these days allow for our campers and students to see parts of Switzerland that they may not get to see otherwise. Our excursions are always great fun, and each excursion offers something different, whether it be a trip to the chocolate factory, a shopping trip to Thun, a visit to Bern Zoo or a trip to the museum.

Once during each summer session we take an overnight hike. This allows the chance for your children to have the opportunity to stay away from home for a night and away from electronics and devices. The overnight hike is always a memorable trip with the opportunity to stay in a mountain hut along with friends.

Lovell Camps is a place to come and do things that you would never normally get to do. Our program offers a lot, such as swimming, horse riding, rafting, high ropes, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, basketball, tennis, golf and so much more, not to mention excursions. It is a great opportunity for your children to try each and everything we offer, and we encourage this for your children.

Of course, your child’s happiness and safety are very important to us at Lovell Camps. Our aim is to get your child involved in all that we do here in the safest yet most enjoyable way possible. We take the best care in all that we do, from programs to lessons to mealtimes and group games. For us it is a great feeling knowing that a child is going home happy because they had a great time with us at camp.

Our overall aim at Lovell Camps is that each child will leave with great memories, long lasting friendships and strengthen skills, whether it be in languages, sports, communication skills or being a team player.