Now that all our families have safely returned home and all of the staff members have embarked on new adventures, the Mountain Lodge is quiet and peaceful again.  A building that welcomed hundred of children over the past three months is now lonely. Recently, we have had moments to reflect upon the season and it is amazing to think of all of the unforgettable people, fun activities and moments that happened through out the summer. Thank you to each and every one who contributed to the season. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Campers, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm through out the season! You are the reason for all of the laughs and fond memories. During camp wrap up, staff members were remising about so many inside jokes and silly moments over the past few months. We hope you all left Lovell Camps with new memories and friendships, greater confidence and new skills!

Big congratulations to the campers who were recognized for special awards this season:

July Awards

Bentley Award – Junior – Aida Alzarka

Outstanding Camp – Junior – Annabel Izmirlian

Bentley Award – Senior – Blanca Maluquer Souviron

Outstanding Camper – Senior – Mourad Galal

August Awards

Bentley Award – Junior – Yousuf Al Rafei

Outstanding Camp – Junior – John Melhem

Bentley Award – Senior – Soraya Al Rafei

Outstanding Camper – Senior – Malek Sotih

Families, thank you for entrusting us with your children and for believing in our programs at Lovell Camps. It is so nice to see familiar faces come back each year and develop meaningful personal relationships. It is also so wonderful to welcome new families to our programs and develop new connections that we hope will continue to grow over the years. We pride ourselves in being a family oriented company and your on-going support means the world to us.

Last but definitely not least, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the staff members! The amount of effort, dedication, flexibility and time you put into the program is immeasurable. Our team this summer worked around the clock to provide the best quality of program possible. We hope you realize the positive impact you left on all of the campers! You are deeply appreciated and so important to us.

It is a quick transition period from the end of summer camp, as we have already switch our focus to the upcoming winter season and we are eagerly preparing for the snow to arrive. We wish everyone all the best in the upcoming year. We hope to welcome many families and staff members back to the Saanenland next summer, if not earlier, for winter camp!