Have you ever woken up after a good night’s sleep and forgot where you were for a brief moment? That happened to me this morning at 6:45am when my alarm went off. When I looked outside at the snow covered mountains I couldn’t have been happier to be living and working here in Switzerland. If you have yet to experience waking up to the mountains outside your window, you need to start planning your first trip here. Whether you’re a child or an adult reading this, we have a room awaiting you here at the mountain lodge so get in touch with us before it’s too late! You do NOT want to miss the snow that we have here this Winter – it’s perfect.

The past two months as a counselor at Lovell Camps have been so amazing. The kids never fail to make all of us smile each and every day with their array of quirky personalities and great attitudes. The Polar Bear Kids Club has been filling up with new kids each week, and the more the merrier with them! They keep us busy running around all day, every day – and sometimes I even think the counselors are enjoying it just as much as the little ones! Who doesn’t love building forts and doing arts and crafts after all?

The favorite activity of the older campers has been the weekly rock climbing for afternoon program. They amaze us all with how quickly they can climb up a difficult wall, and with such little fear as well! Yesterday each of the campers got to climb four walls, all of different difficulty levels. When it was time to go, they all begged for “one more climb” – so I guess we’ll be returning next week!
Keep checking back for more updates and photos!