Discover, Learn, Grow.

That is our motto at Lovell Camps. Our focus through out the summer months is for campers to achieve this discovery socially, within our programs and as individuals.

Ask anyone who has attended camp before; friends made at camp instantly become lifelong friends. There is no denying that the late new conversations, the silly inside jokes and the unique experiences, bring campers together unlike any other friendship. Campers learn to communicate with each other, problem solve and become a supportive friend. Before long, a campers’ wrist is filled with new friendship bracelets!

At camp, children are exposed to many new activities and opportunities; it is guaranteed campers will find an area of particular interest for themselves. Whether this area is a new hobby or old one, campers will have a passion ignited within them, learn new skills/techniques and gain confidence – athletic adventures, artistic pursuits or conquering a new language are all equally supported at camp! The Mountain Lodge is a safe place, where campers can explore without being evaluated; in fact mistakes are encouraged and celebrated.

Finally, while at camp children gain independence and self-esteem. Parents and counsellors are often impressed at what a child is capable of. Picture yourself as a child, travelling across the world to experience a summer camp in a new country, new language and new people. The personal learning and discovery is plentiful and children become more self-aware and leave with an “if I can do this, I can do anything” attitude.

Rick Mercer, a Canadian comedian, television personality and author, best known for his work on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and The Rick Mercer Report, wrote about his experience at summer camp. Please read, Rick Mercer Rant: The Meaning of Summer Camp, to see the powerful impact camp can have on a child.