Our Staff are Second to None!

Part of what makes Lovell Camps so spectacular is our staff! We hire people based upon their experience, qualifications and of course their character. These individuals travel from all corners of the globe for the opportunity to work at Lovell Camps. We have hundreds of applicants each season, applying for positions and just a handful are selected to be a part of the program. We are so appreciative of the counselors for dedicating their time and energy, whether, it is for one season or multiple seasons, they all become part of the Lovell Camps family.

The staff is what brings the program to life for the children. We can plan and prepare as much as possible in the office. However, the burst of energy that arrives with the staff in June is what kick starts everyone into ‘program mode.’ They bring an outstanding program to the campers day-in an day-out, no matter what. As a counselor at Lovell Camps, our staff wear many ‘hats,’ it’s a job that requires much attention to detail, expertise, and of course, patience. We believe, the small acts of kindness make a big difference at Lovell Camps – immediately knowing children’s names and their interests, the conversations at wake-up and bedtime, looking out for campers on an overnight excursion and just the ridiculous stories and silliness around the campfire.

It is a privilege that you entrust us with your children. Our staff are highly trained and capable of taking the utmost care of each and every individual child that comes through our program.

We are highlighting and celebrating our 2016 staff team on Facebook.  Please visit our Facebook page, Lovell International Camps – https://www.facebook.com/lovellcamps, to see who is joining the team this summer!