It is hard to believe twelve weeks of winter has already passed. It was an unforgettable season! One for the books, that’s for sure. The snow conditions weren’t always in our favour, but we made the most of the season by participating in many exciting programs off of the slopes after ski lessons.

We were so fortunate to have welcomed individual participants from all corners of the globe, including the Unite Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Switzerland, Greece, Lebanon, Crete, Russia, UAE and North America. It was also a pleasure to welcome groups from Japan, Oman, Scotland, and many British schools!

We thought it would be an appropriate time to share some of the comments left from children from through out the season, as children often say it best:

–       “I really enjoyed all of the games and the staff were really fun.  The staff made the experience really positive and made us feel welcomed!”

–       “The food was always really good, probably the best food I have had on any ski camp. My friend even got a birthday cake to celebrate her special day!”

–       “My ski instructor, Chris, was the best because he was really fun and really helped to improve my skiing.”

–       “I had never skied before but since the first day, I felt welcomed by the friendly staff and it made me more relaxed to enjoy the lessons.”

–       “It was my first ski trip ever and I don’t want to leave!”

–       “Mr. Adam taught me so much!”

–       “I just liked the atmosphere at the lodge. Everyone was really fun and laid back.”

–       “We enjoyed the food and Geoff had yummy options for vegetarians and people with allergies.”

–       “The snow conditions were amazing!”

–       “Evening programs were hilarious – I loved the Wacky Talent show!”

–       “The staff had so much energy!”

–       “I instantly felt welcomed as we were greeted by a staff member each morning.”

–       “We had so much time to ski – I was exhausted!”

–       “My group was the best because everyone was really nice, funny and we all had similar abilities. Our instructor, Ms. Emilie, made sure no one was left behind.”

–       “Each day was different and new. We got to ski in a variety of locations – Schonried, Saanenmoser, Saanen Eggli and we even went in the snow park!”

–       “I felt like I was part of the family at Lovell Camps.”

–       “All of the activities were great – we had a good laugh each day.”

–       “My instructors, Mr. Seb and Ms. Marika, always gave me help and taught me how to do parallel turns and use my poles.”

We are already looking forward to welcoming back many families and schools next season!