As winter is approaching quickly, we are looking back fondly on the summer months and remembering all of the good times we had!

Let some campers tell you about their summer experiences:

“I liked the overnight in the teepees and also playing basketball every day. Today, I liked making lava lamps and slime. I also really like going to the pool.” – 5 year old

“I loved that the counsellors are very willing to help. Also, I like that if something was wrong, counsellors are willing to sit and listen. They are very understanding.” – 8 year old camper

“This camp is the best camp I have ever been to – and I’ve been to a lot!” – 9 year old

“I liked the overnight when I tried many new things! I also liked the selection of activities.” – 11 year old

What would you like to see changed at Lovell Camps? Nothing it is all epic!” – 12 year old

“Lovell Camps allows us to feel our very best! We get to try new food, we make friends, and we feel the fresh mountain air. There are a lot of fun activities that keep us moving. We go rafting, rock climbing, and at the disco, we get grooving! Fun counsellors entertain us, help us, and teach us new things. The camp organizes a carnival night with fun games like eating a cookie off a string. Thank you for all you’ve allowed us to achieve!” – 12 year old

“My favourite camp memory was the tepee overnight. I liked the overnight because it was fun! Up in the mountains, we had a delicious dinner, burgers and potatoes and then we roasted marshmallows. In the evening we had a cool program, we played hide and seek in the forest. We also saw horses and cows. It was very quiet at night and we looked at the stars and even saw a shooting star in the sky. Then we chilled and then we slept in the teepees.” – 12 year old

“My favourite camp memory was wakeboarding. I had so much fun, that I did it three times! The first time I tried it, I was not able to stand up on the board. The next person who tried to wakeboard failed too. The fourth person who tried was able to actually stand up right away. About 45 minutes later I got a second try and I did it! I definitely wanted to wakeboard again, so I went with the juniors when it was their turn. Mr. Max came with us and he went first. At the beginning he looked really funny but he got better. After all the juniors took their turns, I went for a third time and it was awesome because I stood on the wakeboard for quite a long time. I also tried to jump and I did it! After wakeboarding we went to swim in the lake, which was a beautiful end to the day.” – 14 year old

“I like everything here. I feel safe and happy, just like a family. It’s my first year at Lovell Camps. I am new here but I don’t feel that way at all. I had so much fun! My favourite part was the overnights. They were so much fun and lovely. At first it’s hard during the hike but when you’re at the top the view makes you forget everything, you just want to live there forever. I will miss everyone!” – 15 year old

“I like Lovell Camps because I feel safe and happy around both the staff and my friends.” – 15 year old