We are well into another great winter at Lovell camps.

The snow is deep, the sun is out. The past couple of weeks seems to have flown by in a flash!
The season was off to a fantastic start! By mid-December, we were blessed with incredible early season conditions with many mornings covered with fresh snow. The staff members were treated to an early-season powder day during staff training, which was fantastic.
The first group of campers sets a great tone for the season with an unwavering enthusiasm for skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, swimming, and all of our other activities. The wide international base of campers meant language lessons were not only in English but German and French as well. Our first ski race went great; all the kids were enthralled to compete using their newly acquired skills on skis and snowboards.
Christmas came quickly and was celebrated in true Lovell Camps fashion, with campers, counselors, friends, and family. The ensemble was treated to a delicious turkey dinner curated by our talented kitchen team led, on this occasion, by none other than Mr. Bill. On Christmas morning the campers received their presents under the tree and got small gifts from the Lovell Camps team in their very own hand made stockings made earlier that week.
The air of festivity continued right up until New Year, which was in fact even more exciting than Christmas for many of the campers. That night the campers were treated to panoramic fireworks over the valley and we had the best view right outside the lodge.
The week after New Years Lovell Camps hosted the biggest group to date, the International School of Basel. In the span of a week, we hosted all of Grade 6’s and 7’s. The campers had just finished their Christmas break and were thrilled to be in the mountains. The week was a great success, blue bird sunshine paired with 42cm of snow in 36 hours made for all time great conditions. At the end of the session, we hosted our biggest races to date, with more than 10 categories in each race. Every camper left having learned something new both on and off the hill. Most importantly they left smiling and ready for a new school term.
In reflecting on my first two months with Lovell camps, I couldn’t be happier with how I have spent my time. I awake each morning and upon looking out my window being thrust into a valley lined with mountains, trees, and small cottages, all wrapped under a blanket of pure white snow. The light is startlingly bright; there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I walk outside and can’t help smiling at another perfect day.
We are all looking forward to meeting our next bunch of campers in February. Mr. Adam – 1st Year Counsellor and Snowboard Instructor