Another beautiful day in Switzerland has come and gone, and what a great day that it was here at Lovell Camps. The past few days have been filled with nothing but blue skies, great snow, and a lot of smiling faces.

Fifth Week of Winter Camp in Schonried

We are now in our fifth week of Winter Camp here in Schonried, and the counselors and campers are enjoying every moment of it. It’s amazing how fast the weeks can pass by as a camper when you are outside all day learning to ski or snowboard, and then enjoying afternoon and evening activities such as Rock Climbing, Swimming, Campfires and Capture the Flag. It is no wonder that at the end of each day, the children happily fall into their beds ensuring that they are rested for the next days exciting adventures.
One thing that I love about Lovell Winter Camps is that we have such a wonderful mix of children each week, from all over the world. There is also an opportunity for kids of all ages to participate in the Winter Camps, up to 16 years of age. Our Polar Bear Kids club is the perfect way for younger children to interact with others in either a half-day or full-day session that can include an afternoon ski. When the Kids Club is not skiing, they are learning to cook and bake, doing crafts, reading stories, and making new friends. The smiles on the children’s faces at the end of the day say it all; they LOVE the Polar Bear Kids Club!
For the children age five and older, they are able to enjoy a full-day of skiing or snowboarding on the mountains with our amazing instructors who have come to Lovell Camps from all over the world. At the end of the day they get to enjoy après-ski activities, delicious snacks and the company of fellow campers and counselors. What’s my favorite part of the week as a counselor you ask? Well, it’s most likely the same as the campers’ favorite part – the Fondue and Disco Party! This happens each and every Friday right here in the mountain lodge, and it is the perfect ending to an exciting week.
As I write this blog entry, I can’t help but think about how excited I am to finish off this week with our Friday Race-Day for all of the campers, and begin next week when we get to meet all of the new campers. There’s a lot to look forward to in the near future, and we hope that if you are reading this then you will be a part of our exciting adventures as well.

Goodbye for now!