Camp is not camp without an overnight adventure in the mountains either in tents or at one of the many Swiss Alpine Club Huts located around the Swiss Alps. Picnics, cookouts games, and fun with friends, new and old.

On Tuesday, Schönried campers, split into their 2 outdoor education groups, departed for their overnights. Group 1 headed for the Berghotel Schwarenbach located above Kandersteg, while group 2 embarked on a camping adventure on the Schönboden above the Col du Pillon overlooking the Diablerets Glacier and Oldenhorn. Both groups had a wonderful experience and the weather cooperated with us, at least for the most part! Day 2 offered a short hike followed by a cookout and of course the refreshing swim and clean-up at the pool.

Saanen camp split into 3 groups on Wednesday.

Group 1, our youngest campers, got to tent camp in the garden right outside the Saanen boarding house. Group 2 went camping above Chateaux d’Oex at La Sarouche and had a great time, while the mighty groups 3 and 4 headed for the challenging Geltenhütte, above Lauenen. All teams had a fantastic experience and again great weather!

All campers are back from their first of two overnights this July and are excited for ‘Interest Groups’ to start!