Over the last couple of weeks Lovell International Camps, has had the privilege to work with two great schools – The Institut de Lancy and Inter-Community School of Zurich. The rain and chilly weather didn’t stop us from having a terrific time together!

Between June 6 – 10 The Institut de Lancy joined us for a four-day program outdoor education program. The year 4 children were full of energy, curiosity and excitement! The program included survival skills workshops based around orienteering, shelter building, water purification and team building. The jam-packed week included exploring the high rope challenges in Zweisimmen, swimming, orienteering adventures through the local village and interest groups – arts & crafts, rock climbing, archery and cooking. The week was also included plenty of camp games and laughs, especially during Lovells’ Got Talent and the disco party! Students enjoyed the sunshine on the last day while hiking on the Rellerli mountain and a BBQ lunch before departing.

After a quick change over, we were excited to welcome the grade 7 students from the Inter-Community School of Zurich for five days. Although thunderstorms and cold weather made us adapt the program, the students left on Friday with new knowledge and skills, increased confidence and more meaningful connections with each other. The program included workshops based around orienteering, knot tying, shelter building, water purification, fire building and team building. The students also enjoyed exploring in the trees at the high ropes course in Zweisimmen and also practiced some canoeing techniques on the Arnensee Lake. Students learned about the history of the Gruyere village and castle. A cable car ride and hike on the Rellerli mountain, allowed the students to take in the breath-taking views of the valley. Bowling, Minute to Win It Challenges and Lovells’ Got Talent were some of the favourite programs at the Mountain Lodge. Interest groups at the end of the week were a highlight for students. Children from the John F. Kennedy School joined us for some of the fun too. All of the students had the choice to participate in many programs; string art, rock climbing, archery, springboard diving, frisbee golf, pilates and cooking- rounded out the action filled week!

We would like to thank all of the teachers for believing in the benefits of outdoor education, experiential learning and the power of learning outside of the classroom. We appreciate that each of you took time away from your personal lives to attend our program and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support and helpful attitudes. I recently came across an interesting article, “The Benefits of Outdoor Adventure” by Randall Williams, it discusses the powerful impact an adventure school trip can have on children’s development. Please use the link below to read the article:


We are looking forward to welcoming both schools back next June and we are already looking at ways to adapt the programs!