The staff at Lovell Camps have been working very hard to make sure everything is ready for when campers arrive. Everything from language lessons, interest groups to excursions have been prepared in order to maximize fun, safety and learning. The camp itself has been refreshed and prepared to feel cozy and inviting. We are all very excited to meet the campers!

With new and many returning staff members at Lovell Camps this season, we took last week to familiarize everyone with the Saanenland and each other. New staff members fell in love with the scenery and character of the low valleys and the mesmerizing cloud touching mountain peaks.

The counselors’ chemistry is as high as the Swiss Alps. Our team is enthusiastic and new ideas! Similar to the incoming campers, the counselors’ come from many different cultures and backgrounds, to name a few, we have some Canadians, British, Australian and Greeks. Check out our Facebook page for personal biographies of each of our staff members.

One highlight of Staff Orientation was a hike up the Rellerli to a cookout spot for dinner and an awe-inspiring view while enjoying a beautiful sunset! Also, the counselors enjoyed taking part in an exciting photo scavenger hunt around the Saanenland, to see all of the venues we will be using this summer.

All of the counselors are full of energy and passion to ensure this year’s camp experience will forever be remembered. We are looking forward to welcoming many families to the Mountain Lodge over the next two months. Everything is ready to start the best summer ever!