The anticipation of summer holidays for our family is a thrilling time. My girls look forward to taking part in Lovell International Summer Camps as it is the perfect place for children to meet many people from different schools,or even different countries and make best friends for a lifetime.

Lovell International Camps

At Lovell International Camps they are free from the social expectations pressuring them at school; therefore, are encouraged to relax and make friends easily and learn about different places and cultures. We have been sending our children to Lovell International Camps in Switzerland for six years… and the days leading up to it are filled with expectations and excitement!
The average child, aged 7 – 10, spends more than 4 hours a day glued to their iPhones and iPads during the summer holidays. A Lovell camper is ‘unplugged’, they are only allowed to socialize – outside of social media; documenting their experiences by speaking to others, #making real life friends. Most activities offered at camps are a great way to exercise and get fresh air. Basically, going to a summer camp is a much healthier alternative compared to hanging around at home, eating too much junk food, sleeping late, and sitting in front of the TV or their screens all day.
Your children will be exposed to people of all different background, religions, ethnicities, cultures, and races. They may learn new languages, new cultural practices, and even try new foods. Is that not incredibly valuable? Well, as technology brings the world closer together, the children will definitely be learning how to properly interact with other people they will meet with later in life.
Lovell Camps in Switzerland  offers activities that you probably cannot do in your neighborhood like survival challenges and wake boarding, horseback riding, rock-climbing, and archery. It is very likely that your children will be able to try new things. Camp keeps the summer interesting and the children might overcome their fears and discover talents they never knew they had. Switzerland offers a wonderful safe alpine backdrop to enhance these wonderful activities and experiences – shared experiences not shared emoticons or Instagram pictures.
Children will learn important leadership skills because overnight camps allow them to make choices and direct summer projects, which are natural leadership training grounds. In fact, these children feel empowered in every task they take on throughout their lives. As a matter of fact, they are more likely to set the pace and tone for other children and are less likely to be affected by peer pressure.
The average child says “I am bored” 133 times during a four week school break. Children participating in an international summer camp, learning new sports and languages, are far from bored. Success on their individual terms, without Mum and Dad watching from the sidelines, the only cheerleaders being other campers and counselors builds resilience, a gift that Lovell Camps can offer children, a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their life.
Lovell International Summer Camp in Switzerland focuses their activities and learning opportunities on nature and the outdoors. Outdoor experience develops children’s perception of the world and greatly supports healthy child development. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic way to make your children environmentally aware, teaching them how to be kind to animals and plants.
Allow your children a holiday of a lifetime, allow them to grow up with the Lovell International Camps experience deeply rooted in their memory.  They will finish a week at Lovell Camps standing a little taller. Join our Canadian run International summer camp in Europe.