It is said that for a child the first 10 years of his life are very important when it comes to his overall development. This is the most important phase of life for cognitive, social, emotional as also their physical development. For such optimal development a child requires a dynamic and stimulating environment along with learning opportunities as well as social interaction and attentive caregivers. Lack of educational and other opportunities during these early formative years can affect a child’s potential for better development.

A child’s brain in this phase of life is often compared to a sponge that can absorb all possible information around them at an astounding speed. It is hence imperative that you create an exciting and challenging environment for them to learn new things from. These first few years can easily form the fundamental building blocks of their future development. It is also the best time for them to learn social skills like interacting with others, how to build and maintain social relationships etc. School gives them a safe environment to learn and grow. But thinking beyond the four walls of the school is very important as a parent to ensure that you give your child an even better opportunity at learning and experiencing new things.

This is where the benefits of camps and workshops are seen. For kids in the age group under 10, there are a number of camps that they can be a part of. The junior camps meant for kids of this age group are always developed keeping in mind the fundamentals of early learning. The camps give the kids an opportunity to explore new things, learn new skills, try their hand at creative arts, different sports etc. These camps are also age appropriate which means that your child will be gives activities that are suitable for his or her age.

Trying their hand at different art or physical activities from an early age can also lead to developing a liking for a particular art or sports making it a choice for them at a very early stage in their life. Besides these camps also give them a sense of independence while at the same nurturing their confidence which in turn encourages their potential for growth. The activities include entertaining activities such as sports, water games, creative crafts and team challenges, fishing trips, Zoo trips, overnight excursions etc. With so many different kind of opportunities to experience and learn for, your child is bound to have a different perspective after being a part of such camps.