To find a suitable summer camp first decide what exactly you want. There are different kids clubs that offer different activities from which you can select what you want for your child depending on their area of interest or skills. A typical kids’ club can include walks, visits to local playgrounds, farms and indoor or outdoor swimming pools etc. Winter time gives the children the opportunity to go skiing and other snow and ice related activities.
Do your homework on what is available in the area of your choice.
You should ideally go for a club that has been operating for a while. This means you have well experienced and well trained staff, who know exactly how to deal with and are good with the children.
You should consider the costs for the club and compare the inclusions, durations etc of different clubs. Fees can generally include healthy snacks, school supplies, equipment and excursions. If choosing the skiing option fees include transportation to and from the ski slopes, professional ski instruction, lift pass, ski snacks etc.

Apart from this here are a few basics you can ask yourself which will help you choose the right Kids Club:

  • Do need a challenging environment?
  • How much individual attention does your child require and is the club equipped to provide?
  • Does your child have any special learning needs?
  • What kind of an environment are you looking for? One that fosters creativity or one that is more education oriented?
  • Do you prefer a place that is walking distance from your home?
  • Do you prefer to send your child to a club where he has people he knows? Check with your friends to see where they have enrolled their kids.
Other than this once you have a place shortlisted, you should check their security, hygiene and other such policies. These are more or less the things that you can keep in mind while choosing a kids club.