Having a variety of different experiences from an early age is very important to help children grow up into healthy adults. 

Lovell Camps believe in all-round development of children, which is why all our camps are designed by our experts to include activities that will help mould the children well in all aspects of life.

These are some of the important things we believe a school or group camp should cover.
  • Physical Activity through different adventure and sports
  • Activities encouraging competence and achievement
  • Creative self-expression through skilled work activities
  • Social Interactions with the various students coming from different cultural backgrounds
  • Meaningful participation in leadership and team building activities
  • Personality development and personal reflection
  • Fun activities
  • Educational activities and environmental awareness
  • Cultural activities including a taste of the local culture and foods
Autumn and Spring Camps by Lovell Camps cater to schools and groups that are looking for an exciting trip! Our programs are based around three main components:
  • Education
  • Adventure and Sport
  • Culture
The variety of activities that we include under these headings ensure that all aspects are taken care of and the children get to learn, enjoy and socialise at the same time. Our camps can also be tailored to suit your specific requirements of stay and duration. 
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