If you are looking for a great winter camp for your children, there is no better place than Lovell Camps.

The winter experience at Lovell Camps is highly enjoyable and your children will have the best time of their lives and make memories and friends that will last forever!

Our winter camps are hosted in the superb Swiss alpine setting, a place that is oh so beautiful! With the perfect mix of fun and adventure activities along with some learning opportunities too. The children get to improve their linguistic skills during the camp as we introduce them to languages such as English, French and German. Our activities include swimming, indoor rock climbing, arts and crafts and a number of other sports and games.

One of the greatest and most unique things about our camp sessions is that we always have students of different nationalities. This mix of nationalities gives the children on all sides a chance to interact with different cultures and importantly learn about different traditions. Being with and interacting with students from different countries is an altogether new learning experience of its own.

There is no better winter camp than ours when it comes to all-round development and fun for your child. You will certainly notice a new-found confidence in your child once he or she returns back from their camp experience with us.

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