We trust everyone had a wonderful Easter filled with fun, family and of course chocolate! Lovell Camps celebrated in style hosting ‘The Wizard of Oz Easter Carnival’ at Le Grand Bellevue Hotel, in Gstaad. With face painting, craft stations and pony rides, followed by a delicious Easter brunch, and an egg and bunny hunt, both old and young had their share of enjoyment.

With all of these festivities going on, I couldn’t help but reflect on the different cultures celebrated at Lovell Camps.

With families attending our program from all over the world. We strive to achieve balance amongst the different cultures, in order to have a well-rounded program. It is such a unique environment for children to learn about various cultures.

At Lovell Camps we believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Our village is such a very diverse community, as we have staff and campers from all over the world. Incredible opportunities to share, grow and learn about themselves and each other are created naturally between campers. We celebrate the various dimensions of human differences and welcome diversity into our programs.  This allows everyone to gain a new and more balanced perspective.

“Marcel Proust, the French novelist, said “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes”.

Our program is specifically designed to allow children to create a fresh perspective.

  1. Inclusion – Everyone is accepted; no one is left behind or bullied. Our campers look out for one another. The senior campers are given the opportunity to be role models for the younger children and it creates a very welcoming family atmosphere.
  2. General Camp Program – Our program encourages children to learn and share games and activities together. Children have the opportunity to learn from each other in  both the formal and informal settings
  3. Common Language – Everyone speaks English to create an inclusive environment. No matter the campers language ability, English is supported. It is amazing how much ones language can develop over a session. All children walk away from camp standing a little taller and proud of themselves because of their language accomplishments. This alone, provides children with new cultural perspectives.
  4. Multi Cultural Staff Team – Our counsellors bring their own viewpoints from their personal experiences and adventures. Sitting around a camp fire, hearing about a recent hike at Machu Picchu or volunteering in Nepal, will ignite passion to explore new territories.

Children will walk away from their experience at Lovell Camps with a new and refreshing look on the world.