I will never forget an overnight excursion during the July session of 2012. I took a group of 14 children on a hike to the Wildhorn. The children were very international and most had never really seen mountains before, let alone hiked up hundreds of meters in altitude in the July sun while carrying personal belongings and lunch. With some games, songs, and encouragement along the way, we made it to the top! The children had such a sense of accomplishment beaming off their sweaty faces. We settled into the alpine hut, had a delicious dinner and all of us fell asleep early from the physical activity all day long. To our surprise the next morning, we peacefully woke up on a snow-covered mountaintop, and beautiful large flakes were falling from the sky! It was so magical. The children rushed outside to experience this new wonder, sledding and snowballs were immediate activities for the children to enjoy. I will never forget the excitement and looks on all of the children’s faces – “snow in July?” Needless to say, many pictures were taken that morning and the children didn’t stop talking about this experience to their other friends upon our return. This was one of the many unforgettable experiences from the outdoor education program at Lovell Camps!

Outdoor education is an avenue that is critical to the healthy development of children.

It is proven that children who spend time outdoors will have improved focus and outlook, strengthen immune system, be calmer and reduce depression, produce more creative ideas, be more physically fit and overall be happier individuals. Interacting often with nature and other children outside, it helps to stimulate curiosity and boosts confidence. Children learn so much through outdoor play; such as communication skills and vocabulary, number relationships, and social customs. The value of outdoor exposure and the positive influence on childhood development is limitless.

Lovell Camps have a comprehensive outdoor education program throughout each session. Our program allows children to explore the beautiful Swiss Alps, through our overnight excursions and also special Adventure Days for the senior campers. On a daily basis, children enjoy also the outdoors through morning and afternoon programs, where they create shelters, tie knots, cook over the fire and learn about our stunning surrounding environment. Specialty interest groups allow children the opportunity to explore, learn, laugh, and play through structured programs the outdoors, such as mountain biking, and rock climbing. We believe that if children are exposed to the outdoors at a young age, they will grow into young adults who appreciate nature and will carry this forward in life; just as those campers who experienced snow at the Wildhorn in July are still telling stories about that overnight!

We look forward to sharing the beautiful Saanenland with many families this summer!