Each year we continue to develop our programs to enrich the experience for every child. This year is no different; we have an exciting line up of activities and programs run by our talent staff team. The core of our summer camp program still involves language instruction, swimming, outdoor education, sports and excursions. We are eager to begin all of these programs with fresh new ideas and features.

Ms. Rena, our Language Coordinator, is already preparing ways to make language classes engaging and meaningful for all campers. She is looking at incorporating opportunities for campers to do oral presentations, such as skits and announcements, within the daily camp program. Our Swimming Coordinator, Ms. Erica, has a bundle of new games to play in the pool to make lessons more fun and challenging. Bobbing heads, a duck push race, pool scrabble, Popsicle tag and noodle jousting are all in the works for the summer.  Mr. Josh, our Outdoor Education Coordinator, has been dreaming about the Saanenland ever since he left in August. Children will explore the Eggli, learn to cook over the fire and sleep with their friends in giant tipis! Senior campers will have the opportunity to challenge themselves to complete a two night hiking excursion and truly connect with themselves, peers and the surroundings.

Interest groups are bound to be one of the highlights from the summer! Campers will be excited to hear that Mr. Erik will be coaching football, Mr. Josh will be taking bikers to explore the area and Ms. Rena will be offering a creative music program. Gymnastics & dance, rock climbing, cooking, arts & crafts will all be offered as well. Don’t forget to register to tennis, horseback riding and golf through your Camper In Touch account to reserve your spot.

Bouncing on the trampoline and slack-lining were two favourite activities last year, so both will be options to enjoy again this summer. Campfires will be entertaining to say the least this summer with skit nights and talent shows already planned! Senior campers will be busy preparing to host a Carnival Night for the junior campers. We also have some exciting excursions planned to go fishing in Zweisimmen, exploring in Bern and of course splashing around at the Aquaparc. Campers will have the opportunity to experience the Gstaad Volleyball Tour, Swiss Tennis Open, Tour du France, the Menuhin festival and the Hublot Polo. The calendar is jam packed with events and it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable summer at Lovell International Camps!

Think your child(ren) are too old for Lovell Camps? Think again! New this summer, we are thrilled to be offering a Leadership Training program for participants between the ages of 16 – 18 years old. Individuals will participate in hands on learning seminars to gain knowledge about; leadership styles, working with children, conflict resolution and professionalism. These leaders will participate in a variety of programs at camp to gain first hand work experience, such as planning and implementing programs for children. They will also be able to explore the local area on weekend excursions and overnight hikes. Individuals can choose to study English or French while attending the program as well to further develop their language abilities. We already have some familiar faces registered and keen to participate in this program.