With our second overnights quickly approaching, we have been reflecting on the first overnight experience that campers participated in. The campers were divided into three different groups based on their ages. Each experience was unique and provided campers with a fun, challenging and rewarding opportunity. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, each group made the most of it and and everyone had a good time!

Group One went on an exciting tour of the Cailler Chocolate Factory near Gruyère. The campers learned about where chocolate comes from, how it is made and even tasted the finished product! In the evening, the campers built a colourful canopy fort at the Mountain Lodge. The slumber party overnight was filled with singing, dancing and laughing. Campers were quick to fall asleep from an action packed day. The next morning campers visited the Petting Zoo and had a cook out in Saanen, before heading to the Gstaad Indoor Pool.

Group Two had an overnight at La Sarouche. The afternoon was rainy and included games at an indoor gym before heading up the mountain. Campers participated in group games, story telling and preparing dinner at the cabin. Needless to say, there was much laughter and fun had through out the evening! Everyone was pleased to wake up to a beautiful sunrise, above the clouds. Campers walked up the mountain to the maze and obstacle course in the morning for a fun adventure. Group Two met up with Group One for a cook out and swim at the Gstaad Indoor Pool in the afternoon.

The senior campers were dropped at the base of the Saanen Eggli where they started the hike. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour and the higher we hiked the colder it became. After reaching the top of the mountain, the temperature reached a low of 4 degrees and a decision was made to head back to the Mountain Lodge. The cold temperatures did not stop the campers and staff having fun! The campers proceeded to make their own pita bread pizzas and beaver tails for dessert. For anyone that has not tried a beaver tail I recommend you try one – cinnamon and brown sugar – you can’t go wrong! Before heading to bed everyone gathered around the campfire for a sing song and chat. Campers even taught each other some traditional cultural dances. The morning bought sunshine and clear blue skies, so the campers headed up to Ruedi’s farm for a traditional Swiss breakfast with local cheese, meats and bread. This breakfast set the campers up for an action packed afternoon of river rafting!

All of the campers challenged themselves in new ways, developed more meaningful friendships and learned a thing or two through these special experiences.

We are looking forward to heading out on our next overnights! Senior campers have the opportunity to participate in a 2-night overnight, while the junior campers will be camping in the teepees on the Saanen Eggli. Our fingers are crossed the weather brings sunshine and warmth, this time around.