Sadly, July camp sessions have come to an end.  Our staff team is sad to see our July campers go, but are confident the children are walking away with lifelong memories! Campers are saying “see you soon” to friends they have made over the past weeks – email addresses and phone numbers have been exchanged to keep in touch with each other through out the year and plans of returning to the Mountain Lodge are already in discussion.

It has been an action packed month of endless activities, language lessons and swim classes.  Campers have had the opportunity to experience the delights of the Swiss Alps, learn about and taste local cheese, sample the many varieties of chocolate offered at the Cailler Factory, watch the Tour de France in the Saanenland. Campers truly enjoyed the additional option of four interest groups this session.

One of the highlights for the junior campers was Carnival Night run by the senior campers. The junior campers enjoyed participating in fun and exciting activities such as diving for candy in a bowl of flower, face painting, blind food tasting, a limbo contest, soccer-bowling! The senior campers have had the opportunity to dangle from trees and fly through the forest during their morning of high ropes and glide down the Saanen River during their rafting experience. As well as spend two-nights and three-days hiking in the mountains and enjoying the mountain huts.

Yesterday Lovell Camps hosted our traditional Awards Ceremony to celebrate all of the success through out the past month. Thank you to the families who were able to join us! Children were eager to accept certificates and awards, watch the camp video and say final good-byes to everyone. A few special awards were handed out, Bentley Award & Outstanding Camper. It was a difficult decision to make, as we had so many excellent candidates. The Bentley Award goes to campers who have shown much improvement (e.g., behaviour, participation, language ability, athletics) through out camp. We are proud to present this award to Aida and Blanca. The Outstanding Camper Award is presented to a camper who stands out as an excellent all round participant in the program and demonstrates leadership. We are proud to present this award to Annabel and Mourad.

As we are wrapping up our July sessions, we would like to thank all of the children for an excellent program, all of the families for choosing Lovell Camps and a massive thank you to all of the staff who have made it possible to run an tremendous program!

Staff are already busy preparing for our next session which begins on Sunday. Bring on the August campers! We are looking forward to welcoming new and familiar faces next week. August is guaranteed to be another great program!