Planning a winter camping trip?

Make sure that you are well prepared so that the experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Winter clothes or thermals are absolute must haves while winter camping. These keep you warm and comfortable in the cold.
  • Good pairs of thermal socks and gloves are important as cold feet and hands lead to you feeling cold.
  • Always carry a hot water bottle. It helps to keep you warm in your tent or sleeping bag.
  • Having a midnight snack is a good idea as it keeps your metabolism going. Drinking a warm drink before going to bed is a good idea too.
  • A good quality sleeping bag is essential if you don’t want sleepless nights. Don’t ever compromise here. You can also get sleeping bag liners, which add an extra layer of warmth to your sleeping bag.
  • Layer up well, even if you are not feeling cold. The cold sets in when you are relaxed and lying down. It’s easier to keep warm than get warm.
  • Warming up your body with some sort of exercise before sleeping always helps keep you warm once you crawl inside your sleeping bag. Burpees or jumping jacks are the best.
  • If you do wake in the middle of the night, remember to empty your bladder. It will help you sleep soundly.
  • Lastly, make sure that you budget for buying some decent gear. Spend some time on research and make sure that you invest in the right products to keep you warm.