In addition to our highly-successful core summer camp program at Lovell Camps, which includes language instruction, sports, outdoor education, leadership training and a fantastic Kids Club, we are delighted to let you know a few new features of our 2015 summer camp – all part of our continued efforts to enrich the children’s summer experiences.

New Home – As you may be aware, both the senior and junior camp activities will now be based at the Mountain Lodge in Schönried. The Mountain Lodge offers our campers much-improved facilities, each room with its own washroom and shower, comfortably accommodating 3 to 6 children. The lodge also offers spacious recreation areas and lounges, and a large, cheerful dining room served by a professional kitchen. Senior and junior children will be separated within the facility so that each have their own wing with dedicated pastoral staff caring for them. Multiple playing fields and one of the most spectacular views in the Saanenland complete our new centre of operations.

Golf – Following the success of the golf interest groups for the senior campers last year, we are now offering the opportunity for both senior and junior children to participate in golf interest groups. Spaces are limited and last year this new activity was filled almost as soon as the questionnaires had been sent out – so please register as soon as possible when you receive your questionnaires at the end of April.

Music and Yoga/Pilates – Having received requests from the children last summer, we have added two new interest groups for this year – Music and Yoga/Pilates. Run by two fully-qualified staff members, we feel that both these activities will enhance our campers’ experience. For those children interested in taking music, they should feel free to bring their own instruments and will have the opportunity to join the camp band.

Paint Ball – We are pleased to be offering our senior boarders the exciting option to enjoy paintballing as an activity, subject to parental approval. The children will spend one Sunday visiting the ‘Cobalt Paintball Facility’, possibly the best of its kind in Switzerland, to enjoy a day of group games and team fun designed for younger participants. For those children who prefer a more leisurely Sunday we will also be offering the opportunity to visit Château de Glérolles, an 11th Century castle in the St. Saphorin region, and enjoy lunch on the lakefront.

Trampoline – We are excited to offer this new summer program, so kids can leave gravity at home! Enthusiastic children led by our certified gymnastic and trampoline coach will bounce, climb and flip! Not only are trampolines a great way to have fun, they’re also an exceptional way to exercise and burn off summer energy.

Slacklining – The latest craze to hit Lovell Camps is a sport where one must maintain balance while walking on a springy line of nylon webbing that is taut between two anchor points. Advanced students may also learn to do acrobatic moves on the low, tight lines.

Places are now open for new campers, so we would suggest that those of you who are interested in enrolling your children or have interested friends and family, to please send us the completed application form as soon as possible.

Spaces are limited and we are already full for two of our sessions! Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

With warm wishes the Lovell Camps Team