10.  Be Physically Active

Lovell Camps is full on action! Campers are active all day long; swimming, hiking, riding, climbing, jumping, dancing, singing, cooking and the list goes on. Physical activity is disguised as fun and games at camp and children develop a healthier lifestyle.

9. Unplug from Technology

At Lovell Camps children do not use technology. Our camp environment allows children to take a break from screen time and re-connect with themselves, the people around them and this beautiful part of the world.

8. Continuing Education in the Summer

Camp provides opportunities for children to adapt and grow socially, emotionally and academically. Specifically at Lovell Camps, children are provided with the opportunity to learn and improve language skills. With language instruction, English or French, provided regularly by our certified teachers, children are guaranteed to become more confident communicating in new languages.

7. Be Part of a Team

Lovell Camps encourages all campers to develop their teamwork skills. While at camp, children come together in a unique way to support and encourage one another. Campers often have to rely on each other to complete activities and this builds a strong bond between everyone in the program.

6. Reconnect with Nature

Located in the Schönried, Switzerland, our campers have access to some of the most beautiful parts of the Swiss Alps to explore. Our outdoor education program enriches children’s perception of the world and supports healthy development. Children will gain a better appreciation of their environment.

5. Build Resilience & Confidence

Children are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and try a new direction. Lovell Camps is a safe environment for children to make mistakes and learn from them. By allowing children to take risks and face challenges, they develop resilience and confidence.

4. Develop New Passions

At Lovell Camps children are exposed to so many new opportunities, they are bound to find or develop a deep passion. Offering programs such as golf, tennis, horse back riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, drama, dance, cooking, arts & crafts, and music – children always find an area of personal interest to explore and learn about. Everyone at Lovell Camps has the time and space to develop a new love and children have the opportunity to succeed at camp!

3. Life Long Skills

Children learn some of life’s most important lessons at camp, whether is it how to clear a table in the dining hall, how to be a good friend, a new sport, how to solve a conflict. Children’s self esteem and risk taking abilities will transform while at camp. Campers will take these lessons and confidently bring them into future experiences.

2. Independence & Leadership

While at camp, children naturally become stronger leaders. Campers develop initiative, problem solving, and leadership skills on a daily basis, while they are cleaning the dining hall, helping other campers find their belongings, and contributing to special events. The child that returns home from a camp experience, will be a stronger and more resourceful child.

1. Make True Friends & Develop Social Skills

Any former camper will tell you that their most meaningful friendships came from the camp. Camp provides a safe and relaxed environment for true relationships to form naturally. Lovell Camp draws people together through the structure of the program. Campers come together from different parts of the world and form a supportive community together.